Tuesday, 8 June 2010


The choice of David TC Davies (MP for Monmouth) as the new Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee may on the surface seem at first seem a tad odd. Certainly in the past he found the higher status of the Home Affairs Select Committee far more appealing than the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, where his poor attendance had been noted previously, with a bare 5 out of 44 appearances - so much for that strong voice for Monmouth / Wales in Westminster. 

However, once you finish mopping up the tea you spilt on your keyboard one you found out the news, then the appointment may begin to make more sense. Think about it, if you want to give someone a position to marshal the anti-devolution attack dogs / 'devo negatistas', derail legislative Competence Orders,  and generally treat Wales (and all things Welsh) with typical Tory contempt, then perhaps they (the ConDems) have made a wise choice after all - I mean Wales is just so not on Cameron and Clegg's radar and never will be. 

I'll bet that this has not gone down particularly well in Tory circles in Cardiff Bay...

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  1. One of the conditions of him getting the job was that he promise to keep his gob shut during the referendum campaign, thus robbing False Wales of their leading political figurehead.

    An inspired choice indeed.