Thursday, 25 November 2010


There are times when you almost (repeat almost) have a degree of sympathy with David Cameron, all that effort giving the former nasty party a green tinted hoody hugging makeover - wasted? I mean look what he has got to work with Lord Young (sacked/resigned/pushed -take your pick) and now Lord Flight (whose fate is as yet unknown) although falling after a struggle on his sword might well turn out to be an option. Of course Lord Flight is no stranger to letting the Tory masque slip. He has previous or form for it from 2005, when he let the cat out of the bag about possible Tory cuts. Hmmm, it's worth remembering that our economy (admittedly credit driven) was relatively stable then and the crash was a few years away. No, perhaps not, I suspect that these are the real Tories unrestrained and without the makeover.This is only a case of the Tory masque slipping to reveal what lies beneath.  Poor old David, and people used to think that his political life was difficult enough trying to deal with keeping his Liberal Democrat little helpers on board and on message. I suppose you could always try abolishing the House of Lords?

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