Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I and a fair few other people (no doubt) have always had mixed feelings about the competence levels of the Welsh FA over the years, recent developments in relation to the allocation of tickets for the Wales v England (European Qualifier, to be held on Saturday March 26th) to Newport County AFC, Wrexham and Colwyn Bay Fans, have merely reinforced my and no doubt other peoples doubts about the competence of the Welsh FA.



In the last 24 hours there have been some disturbing developments with regard to our tickets for the Wales v England.

Yesterday morning Phil Morgan confirmed for the fourth time with the ticket office at the Welsh FA that out tickets had been allocated and were en route. When the post arrived mid morning there was a letter from the Welsh FA, dated 3rd March, stating that due to an administration error we were to be allocated NO tickets for the match. Phil rang back straight away to be told that their ticket office had been repeatedly looking at the wrong database and that we were to be allocated no tickets.

To clarify :

1. Newport County were assured at the beginning and on multiple occasions during the process that there were no issues with the number of tickets required.

2. Newport County contacted the Welsh FA prior to the 1st closing date of 31st January to arrange delivery of applications and monies in person. We were told that the date had been extended to the 18th February. We asked if the currently held applications had to be submitted and were told no, to collate them all together prior to the 18th as there were plenty of tickets and we were guaranteed our allocation.

3. Newport County delivered our ticket application and monies in person to the Welsh FA prior to that closing date and were assured that we would be given the full allocation.

4. Various personnel at Newport County have been assured on three subsequent occasions by the Welsh FA, including yesterday, that this was the case.

5. That the Welsh FA have cashed the presented cheques for the applications indicating that the applications had been accepted.

6. Newport County have made attempts to speak to both Welsh FA Chief Executive Jonathan Forde and Commercial & Marketing Manager Ian Davies today - we were informed that they were not available.

We will keep you fully informed of all conversations once the Welsh FA have replied, but if you wish to progress the situation personally can we suggest :

1. Call the Welsh FA on 029 2043 5830 to clarify the situation.

2. Jonathan Forde is Dave Brookes' guest on the Real Radio Sports phone in tonight [ 8th March ] for an hour 6 - 7 ( 0845 1052106). He may well be able to clarify the situation whilst on air.

Please do not call the club office at present. The volunteers who worked so hard on behalf of the club and the Welsh FA to sell and co-ordinate these ticket sales have no more information than listed above and we will publish more information as soon as we have it.

Chris Blight
Newport County Chairman


Newport County AFC have become exceptionally good at regularly communicating with their fans (I am one myself) it's such a pity that the Welsh FA is not that good at it, not to mention other things...

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