Wednesday, 20 April 2011


We had a busy morning in Monmouth on Tuesday with a street stall and simultaneous leafleting in another part of the town. We had plenty of passing customers, many of whom were more than willing to stop for a chat and to pass on their concerns. One prominent local concern (amongst many) was the call for the return of the market (to the square outside the Shire Hall) - from where it was removed so that the Shire Hall could be refurbished. Local opinion suggests that Monmouth County Council (MCC) is dragging it's feet (for whatever reason) when it comes to facilitating the return of the market - something that many traders and small business people in the town are calling for. Monmouth is a town that has a great deal of potential to make far more of itself economically - it does not need MCC to be dragging its feet over the return of the market.

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