Friday, 20 April 2012


Plaid's Maria Shellard and Leanne Wood AM / AC, Leader of Plaid Cymru
Both Labour and the Conservatives have run Newport over the last couple of decades and during that period both Newport have seen a marked deterioration in services and infrastructure. Many buildings and shops are boarded up, council services are being cut and what attempts that are made to deal with the situation seem to be half hearted and end in failure. Plaid in Newport are saying that it is time for a change and that someone else should be given a chance to run the Council and also to locally represent the people of Shaftesbury. To help ensure this change on Thursday the 3rd of May make a difference and vote for Maria Shellard and Tony Salkeld as strong voices for Shaftesbury and Newport.

Across Wales's Plaid is focusing its campaign on its strong local record in building economic recovery, supporting families and improving local services. With its record number of candidates, the party will also say that, as Wales’ only ‘local party,’ Plaid will work tirelessly to provide a powerful voice and vision for the whole of Wales.

Key Wales-wide commitments will include:

• Providing paid apprenticeship, skills and training schemes – to support our young people.
• Helping local businesses secure public contracts and providing grants and loans to fund business start-ups.
• Campaigning to save vital local services currently under threat from closure and centralisation.
• Bringing empty properties back into use and investing in more affordable homes.
• Introducing schemes to allow local communities to benefit from the ownership and control of our natural resources.

You can download Plaid's 2012 Manifesto

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