Wednesday, 30 October 2013


That drop goal!
If you are from Newport and have even the faintest amount of knowledge about Rugby in the town then when some says ‘Three Nil’ to you then you knowthat they are talking about. A significant Rugby event took place 50 years ago today at Rodney Parade. Arguably one of the best All Black sides of all time were beaten 3 : 0 by Newport at a packed Rodney Parade. A superb drop goal by 21-year-old centre John 'Dick' Uzzell (in the 17th minute) made history, and inflicted the only defeat in a 36 match All Black tour. Newport have also beaten South Africa and Australia but for many it was that stunning Wednesday victory that added probably the greatest moment in the club's 139-year history. Any of my Kiwi, Australian or South African friends and flat mates who came down for the weekend (when I was living in London) always ended up on  the receiving end of the appropriate Newport rugby tale from my Mother, whether they were  into the game or not. Long may the memories be held and the tales told and retold of that glorious day...

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