Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Since the last election £1.5 billion has been slashed from Welsh public services and all parties agree that Wales has been underfunded since at least 1978. Yet only Plaid Cymru has called for a reversal of the cuts agenda pursued by the Con Dem coalition since the last election, and equality of funding with Scotland.
Plaid Cymru’s has a double pledge to end the current austerity agenda and right forty-year’s of under-funding. The other parties have now confirmed that should they win the election outright, they will not deliver parity for Wales on funding.  There is a real risk that our funding disadvantage could be locked in for another generation, this in simply unacceptable.

With Polling Day pending the polls continue to suggest that we will end up with a hung Parliament. This makes it more important than ever to make sure that Wales has a strong voice in the next Westminster parliament. Only Plaid Cymru MPs will continue to fight for Welsh public services and to secure equality of funding with Scotland. If Plaid Cymru holds the balance of power at Westminster then we have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver that investment for Wales.

In making promises to keep the current funding arrangements in place for Scotland, the Westminster parties should commit to rectifying Wales’ poor treatment. There is no compelling argument in favour of Wales being treated as a second-class nation or any reason why patients and pupils in Wales should be disadvantaged. Equality of funding would amount to an additional £1.2 billion a year for the country. That’s 1.2 billion reasons to back Plaid Cymru at this election.

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