Thursday, 5 May 2016

3 Votes for Plaid

Today's Welsh national election is our chance to help change our country for the better. In these challenging times Wales needs a strong and ambitious party in government, not more managed decline as offered by the other political parties. Plaid has shown what needs to be done to protect Wales and it’s now time to do more. Raising standards in schools, allowing teachers to teach, creating new jobs, improving our hospitals and protecting our environment are priorities. Reducing and then abolishing the Severn Bridge tolls and redeveloping and reopening our railways as part of the SE Wales Metro are a necessity. If we want an ambitious Welsh Government to get on with the job, then vote for it. So today vote for Wales - an ambitious Wales, a well-educated Wales, a healthier Wales. Remember to vote Plaid three times - for a better Wales.  The Polls open until 10pm tonight! We can change things for the better.

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