Sunday, 2 May 2010


I think that its time for the London (and Cardiff) Media to grow up (or catch up) when it comes to the realities of a balanced or a hung parliament, for a couple of reasons, one being that at the end of the day if there is a hung parliament, however the percentages work out and that is something we won't know until the 7th May, this will be a direct result of the voters choice. 

Secondly, potential coalitions are not negotiated until after the election is over, not before, even coalition partners chase every single vote, until the ballot closes and chase every single electoral advantage they can get. Negotiations then follow (after the result)  it being pretty impossible to negotiate a coalition prior to any knowledge of the final result - clearly this is something the BBC seems to be failing or at least struggling to grasp. 

You would think that the BBC in Wales and Scotland, where coalition government has and is a reality would be able to grasp, and at least they might try to pass that acquired knowledge onto their colleagues from the distant metropolis. Additionally there is little point in constantly referring to the various parties manifesto pledges, because (and here is the big one which the BBC in particular seem to be failing to grasp) coalition programmes (if formalised) are negotiated, item by item.

This, if that's the voters final choice, is the brave new political world where we may end up - so the BBC and the rest of the Media had better play catch up pretty quickly.

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