Sunday, 15 August 2010


The Lib Dems as part of the Con Dem coalition government have not just signed up to George Osbourne's savage public sector cost cutting exercise scheduled for October, they are going to have to sign up to helping to bail out their own party out of the financial hole they find themselves in. Some 20 Lib Dem staff have lost their jobs at Lib Dems HQ, the rank and file are facing a 15 per cent rise in their membership fees.

The emergency conference to approve the coalition deal with the Tories cost them the best part of £100,000. Now with potential Lib Dem support at the polls next year in Scotland (Parliamentary elections), Wales (National Assembly) and England (Local Government) looking to crash as a direct result of the coalition deal, not mention the cuts, and a potential electoral reform defeat / farce (take you pick) means that things may be starting to look grim for the Lib Dems.

What may make things more interesting is that the Lib Dem's may well be pretty skint - the Electoral Commission has revealed that the Lib Dems received £6.4 million but spent £6.6 million in the last Westminster election. As part of the Lib Dem austerity measures the party's membership fee is going to go up to £60 pounds. £60 pound to help fund potential electoral oblivion - that's value for money!

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