Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Two diverse news items have caught my eye and my attention over the last few days - both of which are worth sharing for different reasons. The first item was the New York Times coverage of the phone hacking scandal which is far more detailed than the coverage in the UK for a variety of diverse reason which amongst them may include the fact that said newspaper is not owned by the Dirty Digger or his minions and the US media feels no need to cosy up with Cameron and the Con Dems. It's a sizeable well research and highly detailed article and is well worth a read.

The second item that caught my attention was the coverage on the BBC of the immanent collapse (save for some sort of divine fiscal intervention) of Connaught, which despite its difficulties over recent moths was a FTSE 250 company which at one stage held a market value of well over £500m. The company, which specialises in social housing, is appointing administrators, as it tried and failed to secure funding for its £220m debts. Trading in Connaught's shares has now been suspended.

Why this should worry people is that this is (or was) a major private company which employed up to 10,000 people and previously made a good living from the public sector. Why we should worry even more is the fact that the Con Dem's are preparing the hack the hell out of public sector spending which could have a significant impact on numerous private companies, large and small that trade with and within the public sector.

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