Thursday, 30 September 2010


I was driving into work this morning and listening to the Radio 4 Today programme (as I do most mornings) when I heard Harriet Harman giving her side of the much discussed mutter (and Paddington Bear stare) between her and Milibland the Elder during remarks made by Milibland the Younger about the Iraq War being wrong or words to that effect and her resultant enthusiastic applause. I was surprised to here said Harman admit (perhaps) through hindsight that the decision to go to war was wrong and dubious. No doubt the Paddington Bear hard stare was delivered because no doubt Harman had temporarily forgotten (perhaps through a combination of sycophancy and a desire to be in with the in crowd) that she sat in the cabinet when the decision to go to war (on dubious grounds admittedly) was made and no doubt she strongly and vigorously expressed her doubts and concerns at the time - though I suspect not.

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