Friday, 8 October 2010


There are some reliable constants in life, for example I used to have an old car that would in wet weather (don't ask me why?) regularly refuse to start, usually when I was trying to go to work. Eventually enough of my friends and family said get rid of it and after some soul searching I did. One of those constants is that not so deep down, under the surface, when you scratch a Tory that they are still died in the wool Thatcherite's. Despite all the spin, the hype, the waffle, the green wash and the layers of gloss paint duly applied by Cameron - that's what they are - hating the poor and the disadvantaged  and  deeply envious of the questionable wide-boys in the City. News from Scotland suggests that this may be the case - a Conservative candidate in next year's Scottish Parliamentary election has resigned after allegedly saying Scots were "so thick" for hating Margaret Thatcher. Car wise, since getting rid of my old car I have not looked back, I wonder how long it will be before the Scottish people finally get rid of the last vestiges of the Conservatives...and then don't look back.

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