Monday, 4 October 2010


Plaid Cymru members have chosen their South Wales East list candidates for next May's Welsh General Election. Hundreds of party members from across the region took part in the selection process which saw Jocelyn Davies, Lindsay Whittle, Bleddyn Hancock and Jonathan Clark selected as Plaid candidates for the region.

Jocelyn Davies will lead the Plaid team on the list, with Lindsay Whittle second, Bleddyn Hancock third and Jonathan Clark fourth. In 2007 Plaid capture two of the four regional seats.

Lead candidate Jocelyn Davies AM said:

It's a great honour to have been selected to lead such and experienced and dedicated team of candidates into next year's election campaign.

"The Plaid team in the South East will be campaigning hard to make 2011 Wales' Year. We'll be working hard for a Yes vote to give Wales the proper parliament we deserve.

"We'll also be knocking on doors across our communities showing that Plaid is the party with an ambitious plan for the coming decade - a plan designed to meet the major challenges that we face over the coming years.

"As candidates, our local priorities will continue to be ensuring that good quality jobs are created in our communities and ensuring our hospitals and schools are providing our people with the service we deserve."

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