Wednesday, 16 February 2011


News that the MOD has apologised after sacking 38 senior NCOs (some of whom were on front-line service in Afghanistan at the time) by email will provide scant comfort to those involved. No doubt the fantastic Dr Fox was incandescent with righteous indignation at the shoddy treatment of 22 warrant officers, all of whom had completed 22 years of service. having completed 22 years of service, senior personnel go onto what is known as VEngLC (or Versatile Engagement Long Career), which means that they go onto what's called the Long Service List (which is basically a rolling contract). This disgraceful incident is sadly not unique, I can remember the MOD getting into trouble a few years ago by harassing younger soldiers who had signed on for the 22 year enlistment. Basically the MOD has a problem with service personnel who sign on for long service - they cost money, build up years of service and pension commitments - so rather than honouring these service personnel, who pass on their skills and experience to younger soldiers and junior officers, the MOD pushes them out of the door. Military housing for service personnel and their families still leaves a great deal to be desired. The bottom line is that live heroes, as a predecessor Conservative - Liberal Coalition Government found out cost far more than dead ones.

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