Friday, 11 February 2011


There is an old rule that you pay for what you get, and it looks like the Conservative half of the Com Dem Government is working hard to make sure that it's paymasters are kept sweet and get plenty of VFM (Value For Money). The Daily Telegraph, has revealed that William Hague (the Foreign Secretary) has actively lobbied for oil companies that make donations / payments to the Conservative Party. Documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph suggest that William Hague personally intervened in a dispute involving two oil companies headed by Conservative Party donors who were refusing to pay tax to one of the world's poorest countries.

These fresh disclosures will continue to shine an unwelcome light come on just how the Conservatives are backed financially. On Wednesday, it was revealed that alleged that Mr Cameron now receives more than half of his donations from City financiers and follows revelations earlier in the year that that ministers had intervened in other disputes involving Party donors. Once political parties start selling their virtues and principles for financial favours, they do tend to lose all credibility with the voters...

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