Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Fiona Cross 
FIONA Cross was raised in Torfaen and was elected as a Plaid Cymru county councillor in 2008. She is the youngest county councillor in Gwent and is a respected scrutiny chair in Torfaen Borough County Council.

Fiona is heavily involved in her local community as a community hall chair and a governor for two schools. She is very passionate about the environment and sustainability and has been driving this within her own council.

We are lucky in Wales we have vast amounts of renewable energy sources, but we are not able to take full advantage of them. Plaid believe that if the Welsh government was able to take full advantage of our resources, we could , one day in the future produce more than enough energy to meet all our needs in Wales.

To make a real difference the Welsh government should be able to make decisions about big energy projects like those generating 50 megawatts of energy. Plaid in government will look into setting up a national not-for-profit public company Gwyrdd Cymru for renewable energy generation for Wales which will also create employment.

Whether it’s going to the library, supporting the local rugby club or taking the kids to their swimming lessons, we believe in supporting the community and leisure facilities which enrich our lives.

And sometimes we look but we don’t see the beautiful country in which we live such as our parks, our mountains, beaches and castles – wemay take them for granted but, like you, we want to protect them for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Fiona believes Monmouthshire constituency needs better organised public transport; we need better services for commuters and more practical bus stops at Chepstow and Abergavenny.

Fiona thinks that we need to consider reopening existing old railways such as Little Mill and Usk and between Chepstow and Monmouth. Plaid is committed to regulating bus services to make sure that bus companies provide services where they are needed and not just on the most profitable routes.

Our communities need more affordable housing. Our small businesses and suppliers need a level playing field so that they can compete against the larger retail chains and our town centres need to be at the heart of our communities. Our pensioners and military veterans need a better deal.

Put a cross for Cross for a better Wales.

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