Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The rumbles of discontent within the Con Dem Coalition have been decidedly detectable for quite awhile. So the news that the largely Lib Dem Plans to reform the House of Lords (awaited since 1910) have been dropped after Conservatives "broke the coalition contract" should not surprise many disinterested observers. It has all been reminiscent of being a distant observer to a slow car crash, in that you can see that is happening but there is nothing you can do about preventing it.

While I have no problem with either sweeping the anachronism that is the House of Lords into oblivion or making it entirely democratic, in the current economic climate the prospect of Lords reform keeps few aside, from political anoraks, awake at night, there are literally more important things to worry about. The fact that, Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg announced that agreement on an elected Lords could not be reached with fellow Conservative coalition members must surely add a little extra sting.

Nick Clegg stated that plans would be shelved rather than face a "slow death". Getting his retribution in quickly, the Lib Dem leader said Lib Dem MPs could not now support Conservative-driven changes to Commons boundaries in 2015. Even David Cameron has admitted that things are not going to well with the Lib Dems.

Aside from deep (almost vindictive Tory driven) public sector cuts and enforced public sector job losses, the coalition has failed to really deliver anything for the Lib Dems. Yet the coalition may last for a while longer as some Conservative and Lib Dem MPs may be reluctant to face the prospect of electoral oblivion at the of the electorate (for both the Tories and the Lib Dems) may concentrate the mind.

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