Monday, 24 September 2012


On your bike?
Very occasionally the real attitude of this government towards the lower orders (i.e. US) shows through revealing what they (the Tory / New Labour / Westminster village elite) actually think. The Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell (MP) has flatly denied calling police officers who protect Downing Street and the heart of UK government "plebs".

Andrew Mitchell, the Tory chief whip, has profusely apologised after losing his temper with Downing Street police. Apparently they had tried to stop him cycling out the main gates. He admits failing to treat the police with "the respect they deserve", but denies calling the armed officers "plebs" and "morons". The Sun suggests otherwise.  Apparently an official police report into an incident which saw Andrew Mitchell argue with an officer says he used the term "plebs", according to the Sun. The paper claims the report also says Mr Mitchell did swear during the row.

Whether or not the 8am apology will make the problem go away is a matter for discussion. The occasional quiet moment with my sources within the Conservative Party suggest that this is how the Conservative Westminster Elite actually view the rest of their party and us. Why does the phrase on your bike come to mind...?

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