Thursday, 14 March 2013


Save Stow Hill Library
To All Lovers of Libraries Everywhere and especially Stow Hill Library, Newport. I am the author of The Pubs of Newport, The Newport Kaleidoscope and Newport Rugby Greats as well as a number of other books including The Ghosts of Gwent, The Folklore of Gwent, The Music of Fair Tongues, Unknown Gwent, The Life of Johnny Basham and The Dragon Entertains.

I am appalled at Newport City Council's decision to close down Stow Hill and regard this as, at worst, an act of cultural vandalism or, at best, misguided. Librararies are food for the soul and drink for the mind and Stow Hill is no exception. It is used by senior citizens, (one lady confided in me that she has been visiting Stow Hill for 75 years), school children, ethnic minorities, mothers with toddlers and all sections of the local community and further afield. To close it would be not just a blow to to the local area which has suffered enough in recent years with the loss of its banks, bakery, butcher's, greengrocer's and post office but to the whole of the city.

I note also that Maindee Library has been reprieved which is very pleasing, but why just Maindee, why not keep both Stow Hill and Maindee open? I urge all lovers of books to support me and other like minded people in our efforts to keep Stow Hill Library open. 

Please contact the Leader of Newport City Council, Councillor Bob Bright at:  , or by phone, Newport 656 656, or by post, c/o The Civic Centre, Newport and communicate to him your concerns.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support. Save our Library! 

Alan Roderick

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