Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Oops - a case of forgetting that they are in Government?
It can rightly be said sometimes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here we have a group of Labour AMs and MPs protesting about the threat to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. While there is nothing wrong with that, they are protesting against their own government in Cardiff’s polices. This is classic Labour in Wales having their cake and eating it. While there may be a faint whiff of hypocrisy about it, there is nothing new here, more locally the Labour MP for Newport East spoke out in Newport against Post Office closures while quietly voting in the lobbies in Westminster to support the closure programme and hoped that no one would notice. Likewise, in relation to the resignation of Gwent Chief Constable we have had a row of Labour in Gwent MPs lining up to condemn the elected Police Commissioner should be put in its proper context, had such an event taken place under the rule of an elected Labour Police Commissioner I suspect that all we would have heard was silence.  

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