Tuesday, 20 May 2014


The ballot paper somewhat ironically may have been about two foot long, yet it offered little by way real choice. To cut to the chase, the real question has always been who is going to stand up for Wales and fight for our national interests? By way of answering that I ended up dismissing the out and out fascists, the fascist wannabees, the Little Englanders, the former Bolsheviks (or ex communists) and the former party of Arthur’s ego. That let me with the Westminster focused and Westminster based parties, who to be honest I can also dismiss, they may talk the talk and walk the walk at times, but have at best a peripheral (pretty much only an electoral) interest in Wales. They may be ‘Welsh’ branded or at least a Welsh tint but their priorities remain almost entirely focused on Westminster and their recent records show that Welsh national interests come second to their party interests.  Wales needs a strong voice in Europe - so as I said there was little choice in the end. If I want a party that focus on our national interests, one that will stand up for Wales and be answerable to the people of Wales then it comes down to Plaid Cymru, the Party of Wales. 

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