Friday, 13 February 2015


To quote the late great Elvis Presley, in relation to our railways and transport infrastructure, it's time for a little less talk, and some more action! It's time to tap our potential and build our country as it can be. The proposed South Wales metro is a first step for this region.  If we are serious about delivering reliable, effective and sustainable all weather communications to our communities then its time to consider reopening old railway lines to passenger and rail freight. Reopening the old railway lines between Llangefni on Ynys Mon, Caernarfon to Bangor, Aberdare and Hirwaun (in the Cynon valley) and Usk (via Little Mill) to the main line and between Builth Road to Builth would make a real difference.

Perhaps if the Con-Dem coalition government had, had a minor let alone a major infrastructure investment policy that functions outside of England would demonstrate that this Westminster Government is actually serious about making the union work for all its inhabitants. Investing in our public transport system would reduce carbon emissions and cut road congestion. Reopening and refurbishing our old railways and upgrading our existing lines for passenger and fright traffic could provide serious economic stimulation to the local economies and provide a real opportunity for our people.

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  1. The Metro for Cardiff Capital Region is far from a 'first step' but a concept for 30 years. Has a big problem in assuming rapid transit trams can run on heavy rail lines, when these are being electrified at high voltage (1100V). Cardiff Council is rush to develop north of the regional interchange at Cardiff Central Station, which will prevent resolution of this problem. That Council also says (at the LDP Inquiry) the priority light-rail/ tram route out to Llantrisant/Talbot Green is unlikely in the next decade, so they propose rapid transit buses on routes that can't take them. Cardiff and Newport Leaders want a tie-up with Bristol in the "Great Western Cities" region. Surely you/Plaid should oppose these grandiose schemes and go for practicable reopening of rail-lines (you mention), bus priority routes and car traffic restraint? Also against any new M4 past Newport and retention of Severn Bridge tolls (to deter Bristol housing overspill into Wales)?