Thursday, 7 May 2015


Today we really do have a unique opportunity, for far too long Wales has been neglected by Westminster – that historic neglect can cease on May 9th. Our country has never been nor ever will be a priority for the big establishment Westminster based parties who will always put London and their own vested interests first before the needs of Wales. The only way to make Wales matter after the election is to vote for Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales. Plaid will use its influence in the hung parliament to get the very best deal possible for Wales and for all our communities. A YouGov poll recently showed that 78% of people think that Wales should get the same funding deal as Scotland – Plaid is the only party that can deliver this. Fair funding for Wales would mean an extra £1.2 billion a year, to spend on our hospitals, our schools and strengthening our economy. For those who haven't voted for Plaid Cymru before, lend your vote to Plaid tomorrow. We won't let you down. Together, Plaid can make Wales' voice heard in Westminster. Together, Plaid can make Wales work.

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