Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The latest figures on infrastructure investment (in England) suggest that the Westminster Government still remains entirely fixated by the old pre-devolutionary idea that "all roads lead to London". Infrastructure investment in London alone is three times the entire Welsh budget, something that speaks volumes about the Tory Government and Westminster’s priorities.

Plaid fought the last election on a platform of seeking to rebalance power and wealth throughout the nations of these islands and remains committed to this vision to make sure that people everywhere will feel the benefits of a genuine economic recovery. Here in Wales, we have a tired visionless Labour administration, which is only making the situation in Wales worse. Only Plaid can and will offer people a strong government and an ambitious plan for the Welsh economy next May.

The Chancellor must use the upcoming Autumn Statement to legislate on investment that will leave no part of the UK behind. We need an Economic Fairness Bill, as proposed by Plaid Cymru, which would prioritise disadvantaged areas for investment, which would address the UK's growing inequality and end the low-wage, low-prospect status of many areas in Wales and beyond. It remains unacceptable that Wales is repeatedly treated as a second-class nation by Westminster.

A Plaid Cymru Welsh government in Wales (after next May) would roll out plans to invest in infrastructure in all corners of our country, not just a few miles of the M4 as proposed by the current Labour administration. Plaid is committed to a genuine Wales-wide recovery, which reflects a greater and long overdue rebalancing of wealth throughout the UK.

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