Sunday, 26 March 2017


PAM BELL, Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales Monmouthshire
County Council Candidate for Llanelly Hill Ward
Over the years, I have seen many changes imposed on our community.  Planning decisions that make no sense to the community, neglect and disruption of rural roads and paths, loss of local services, village school closures... 

All too often, our views seem to take second place to plans made elsewhere, to meet other priorities. 

Plaid Cymru believes in communities, and as your councillor I will strive to ensure that whatever the issue, decisions are taken transparently, with proper consultation, with residents’ views sought and taken into account.

I was born and brought up in London, and moved to Llanelly Hill in 1988.  I graduated in environmental sciences and worked in education, training and travel before becoming self-employed in activity tourism.  Alongside my career, I have always been involved in voluntary work, including social and youth programmes, conservation and public access to the countryside.

Spending your money wisely

Plaid Cymru secured an additional £25m for our councils in the 2016 Welsh Government budget, and our Councillors will scrutinise spending in terms of:

Fairness: closing the gap between those at the top and the bottom by protecting jobs and 
services while challenging excessive top-level pay.  

Ethical Investment of council reserves in local low-risk projects.

Local Businesses supported by appropriate bidding systems for council contracts, and 
‘Buy Local’ policies.

Schools to be accountable to the local community, doing what is best for pupils, not held 
back by red-tape.

Planning that works for People

It is unfair that small-scale sustainable developments are often refused while housing estates are imposed, against the wishes of the local residents. Plaid Cymru councillors will fight for sustainable development; affordable and rooted in the needs of the community.

Twitter: @PamBell4Plaid

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