Wednesday, 29 March 2017


What happens in Stow Hill interests me, particularly, issues affecting the quality of life for all of us. Being active in politics motivates me to take up issues ranging from street litter, to campaigning for restoration of the Royal Mail’s postbox removed when Bridge Street Railway Bridge was rebuilt (an ongoing project). Keeping our parks safe for all who use them (including the removal of drug abuse detritus) is important. A wholesome living environment is good for all of our collective self-esteem.

Rhys Ab Elis, Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales's candidate for Stow Hill War

If elected I will campaign to extend the City Centre CCTV system, installing extra cameras in places known for anti-social and criminal activity, in places not presently covered. I would press to make our one-way streets, truly and effectively one-way and for properly road-marked pedestrian crossings, where they are needed. All this means listening to what our council tax payers are telling us.

I am a retired civil servant, aged 70, a resident of Stow Hill ward for over 27 years. Before retirement I was 34 years in the civil service, predominantly in middle management, the last 7 years in the Department of the Environment, producing housing statistics for government publications. For most of my career I was an active trades unionist, latterly as Branch secretary, taking up personal cases for union members.

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