Friday, 7 April 2017


In St Julian’s Plaid Cymru is proud to have Chris Priest representing the people of his local community.

If elected Chris promises to campaign to:

     Ensure no green spaces and leisure facilities are taken away
    Build a footbridge with cycle access from the Glebelands to Shaftesbury Park and to the City Centre
       Improve traffic conditions around Glan Usk School

Any proposed development on the long vacant Durham Road School site should include a full and genuinely public consultation, rather than simply paying lip service to resident’s genuine concern

Chris Priest, Plaid Cymru's candidate in St Julian's.
The Glebelands and other green spaces should be secured for leisure and there should be no further development.

A footbridge with cycle track between the Glebelands and Shaftesbury Park will make it easier to get to town, will link with the National Cycle Network and will also provide easier access to Sainsbury’s in Crindau and to the City Centre.

The City Council did not feel the need to inform residents of the significant changes made to the City Bus Service. Our bus services have been reduced to a minimum with reductions in the evening and Sunday services which have been hit the hardest. The City Council has failed to campaign for the security of our bus services.
Further traffic calming measures should be installed in  the Durham Road area both to slow down vehicles and to help prevent vehicles going the wrong way up the one-way system and the on-going problems of the school run.

Promoted by A Salkeld, 114 Brynglas Road, Newport on behalf of Chris Priest, 182 Durham Road, Newport

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