Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ducking Hell!

A floating Duck island...for only £1,600 pound - WOW! or perhaps Ducking Hell!

How cut off are these people from the real world and the lives and concerns of ordinary people and how do we fix the problem...

Firstly, a job in elective public service (they work for us after all) should not be a job for life and no one should use it as a platform to get rich or milk the system (and effectively steal from the people because thats what these 'criminals' have done).

Secondly, fixed term elections for Westminster with Single Transferable Votes in multi member constituencies and a fully democratic Second Chamber to keep an eye on the First one.

Thirdly, no one (and I mean no one) for Westminster, the European Parliament, the National Assembly, the Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, and all levels of Local Government, etc - serves more than two terms consecutively...if you want to run again after that then you have to give it another fixed term before you can stand again.

Fourthly, make the hours of Westminster 9 - 5 and finally no second jobs / careers and or paid Directorships (even if they are non executive).

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