Saturday, 30 May 2009

A hot day...

Another pipping hot day (with a street stall) by 'Red 'Square' in Abergavenny. A slow but systematic steady trickle of passing interest, we are still detecting that quiet anger from ordinary people at the behaviour of some of their elected members at Westminster. The complete absence of New (or Old) Labour, the Conservatives and the other lot should be noted - suspect they are keeping their heads down until after Thursday next.

A few people asked about the All Wales Convention meeting in Monmouth (with David Davies and Adam Price, putting the pros and the cons). Just in case you missed it those present voted 60% to 40% for more powers, obviously word of the result is spreading through Monmouth Constituency.

Met a few veterans who expressed their displeasure at the failure of New Labour to fully participate in the 65th Anniversary Commemoration of the D-Day Landings (next week) - all in all pretty typical for a rudderless and leaderless dying Government. What with this commemoration being the last organised gathering of veterans it is worth noting that the first UK Armed Forces Day ( will take place on Saturday 27th June 2009.

This event will hopefully grow to become an annual day to celebrate the heroism, the achievements and ordinary on-going day to day work of our Armed Forces at home and abroad.
This is a real opportunity for our communities to show their support for our Service men and women, ex-service personnel, our veterans and service families. This day is a real opportunity to honour, support and celebrate the work our service personnel do in support of our country.”

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