Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The word on the street

The word on the street (so picked up from two street stalls in Newport and Abergavenny) is one of quiet anger (if not a quiet palpable rage) at the displayed duplicity and greed of some of the voters elected representatives at the Palace of Westminster and elsewhere.

The real question is where that quiet anger is going to go (if anywhere) - a low turnout is not good for democracy and civic society, which is why I and others will be out and about in the run up to Polling Day chasing every single possible vote.

Despite the best efforts of the Press and the larger Brit Parties to talk up UKIP ("Never has so many tabloid and broad sheet column inches been wasted by so many to benefit so few!") who are no strangers to corruption and expense fiddling with 25% of UKIP MEPs elected in 2005 being done for fiddling their expenses. And speaking of coruption, dodgy deals, donations out and out backhanders the Labour Party (Old or New) and the Conservatives are no strangers to it either.

Angry old men aside, like many people I am getting pretty tired of hear the overused phrase 'it was within the Parliamentary rules' and am also wondering when the Police inquiry is going to kick in?

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