Saturday, 24 April 2010


An interesting and educational morning in a warm and sunny 'Red Square' in Abergavenny, with a street stall, with Plaid activists, a steady stream of potential voters and at a slight distance some of New Labour's finest (some more on that later). Street stalls can be good fun (in Abergavenny and elsewhere) giving you a good opportunity (as a candidate) to get face time (which in truth is the only thing that matters) with potential voters.

So there we were doing the business with potential voters and up walks Carwyn Jones obviously looking for New Labour activists. there was the briefest of pauses, a slight wry smile and a minute moment of bewilderment as he clocked that the busy activists were actually Plaid, rather than New Labour, who were clustered up the hill, looking daggers, and then off he went.

Anyway, back to the main business, Abergaveny is a lovely old market town, for those who don't know it and people come from miles to visit it, so you bump into voters from all over Wales and from across the border - so you keep meeting people from different constituencies - a number of whom were pretty pleased to see us on the street - and a number of whom made a particular point of taking on of our leaflets and / or confirmed that they would be voting Plaid (either in their home constituency or within Monmouth constituency).

Five minutes later up walks Huw Edwards, the New Labour former MP for Monmouth, a rapid 'hail fellows and well met' followed and off up the hill he trundled to join the New Labour candidate, Carwyn and a cluster of New Labour activists. A pleasant, interesting and busy morning followed, made more pleasant by the staggered departure of New Labour, leaving us with the street to ourselves and the voters.

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