Friday, 30 April 2010


Thursday night, so it must be Monmouth... Another Hustings, done and dusted, this was the Green Hustings, held in the Savoy Theatre, in Monmouth. A well organised, well chaired and reasonably well attended despite the attractions (or not) of the televised Leadership debate.

UK wise, with less than 7 days until Polling Day it is beginning to appear that the three London based Parties are too busy with their petty squabbling rather than concentrating on the key issues, especially Climate Change. Not so in Monmouth, where last night the Green Question was front and centre. 

In Wales, regardless of the bickering and squabbling in London, Plaid has made the case for more powers over energy production and conservation to be devolved to the National Assembly, so that we can tap into the potential for creating sustainable green jobs and helping the economic recovery through investment and tackling climate change.

This is the real agenda for the 21st century, rather than more of the same that's being offered by the 3 London based Parties. Plaid is absolutely clear about the threat posed by climate change, and the pressing need for long term measures to tackle it. What's more, Plaid can see the substantial economic potential in developing the green economy. 

A National Assembly with powers over energy would be an important step forward, enabling Wales to developing an Environmental Action Plan. With the right tools for the job, then Plaid could ensure that Wales leads the way in tackling climate change and creating thousands of sustainable green jobs. 

Our Environmental Action Plan would develop high-speed electrified railways in Wales and more green transport, investing in community based farming to produce more locally grown food as well as investing in energy saving projects such as home insulation. Plaid is also ambitious about creating more green energy through renewable energy projects and changing the national grid to support more local energy production. 

Plaid is serious about tackling climate change and realising the potential of green jobs and investment. The other parties may have chosen to put climate change on the back burner, while they indulge in petty squabbling (clearly a case of ego triumphing over substance) but its pretty clear that Plaid has stuck to hammering away at the key issues.

Last night we covered a wide range of topics from recycling, alternative energy, through to integrated public transport and reviving our railways, not to mention cutting down on the sheer volume of packaging that comes with every purchase. On to Chepstow later this morning, with a school hustings at lunchtime today and then one at the Drill Hall, Chepstow on Monday evening, followed by a final one in the north on Tuesday evening.

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