Sunday, 10 July 2011


Perhaps they thought is was a good day to bury bad news, what with the News of the World / News Corp scandal raging to quietly announce yet another rise their prices and boost their profits. News that British Gas have decided to increase their profits by increasing their domestic customers bills should not shock us. The members of the energy cartel have long put the dividend and their profit in advance of any fears of putting people into fuel poverty. That's the price we all pay for the alleged 'free market' in energy supply.

For the record:
  • Scottish Power will raise their gas prices from August 2011 by 19% (electricity prices will rise by 10%
  • EDF (who incidentally owe the French Government some 44 billion euros) raised their gas prices by 6.5% and their electricity prices by 7.5% in March 2011
  • NPower raised their gas prices by 6.5%  and their electricity prices by 5.1% in January 2011
  • Scottish and Southern raised their gas prices by 9.4% in December 2010
Some 9 million British Gas customers will see their gas bills rise by some 18% next month - they will also face a 16% (on average) rise in the cost of their electricity. They (British Gas) even admitted that there was little point in people trying to change suppliers as the other members of the energy cartel are likely to raise their prices as well.

With some customers facing a 24% rise in their gas prices, many will face a rise of nearly £190 in their annual dual fuel bills. With according to some 6.3 million households across the UK in fuel poverty this is not good news. With a painfully weak Con Dem Government on Westminster who dropped any ideas of investigating the energy market last year what hope have the ordinary energy consumers have of fair energy prices? None as far as I can see...

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