Wednesday, 7 January 2015


AFP Photo Department 'JeSuisCharlie tribute to Charlie Hedbo at AFP News room (Paris)
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was today (January 7 2015) attacked by at least three masked gunmen, leaving at least 10 journalists and two police officers dead and other critically injured. Previously the magazine has been subjected to death threats and was fire-bombed in 2011 following the publication of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. Today’s attack on Charlie Hebdo was a blatant attack on freedom of speech and a deliberate attempt to target the free press.

Today's attack was a horrific attempt to silence individuals working to promote increased transparency with their bold take on current political developments and social affairs. The attack shows the real need for society as a whole to stand united in support for the political right to free speech, and other civil liberties, and to publicly condemn this (and other) atrocious acts of violence, which serve as a destructive force to peace, stability and democracy. 

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are two important components in any free and democratic society - they guarantee an open exchange of information, opinions and ideas. Whether people like what is printed or broadcast or not, the media plays a vital part in the exercise of these freedoms by independently and freely reporting, analyzing, evaluating, and critiquing all aspects of modern society.

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