Saturday, 10 January 2015


In many ways it is simply a matter of fairness - Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Green Party should be included in these debates. Any TV debates have to be a full and accurate reflection of the choices facing voters throughout the whole UK in May. Plaid, alongside the SNP and the Green Party, represents a progressive anti-austerity alliance which, which in the event of a TV stitch up could end up voiceless in the TV debates. The Prime Minister's motives in relation to his call for the Greens to be included so that his opponents come under fire from the left might be best described as deeply cynical at best. The Conservatives would probably prefer not to have any debate at all as the format of the last leaders debate probably cost them victory at the last UK Westminster General election. Personally I have little doubt that the party formerly known as New Labour would privately agree although for different ‘Ed’ related reasons. The media has a responsibility to ensure that the voters are fully aware that there is an alternative to the Westminster austerity agenda and in the interests of democracy the compelling case for leadership debates needs to continue to be made.

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