Friday, 18 March 2016


I am backing Earth Hour 2016 when people across Wales and around the world will be switching off the lights for an hour to help save energy and build a more sustainable future. Earth Hour is a global initiative and takes place this year on Saturday 19th March at 8.30pm, organised by WWF. this year increasing numbers of Welsh businesses and public bodies including County Councils, Universities, and the Senedd have already pledged their support. Back in 2015, WWF Cymru asked people in Wales to mark the event by holding a candlelit dinner. Simply by switching off the lights for just an hour as a gesture that can makes a difference to our energy consumption, it will teach us to consume less and send a message that saving energy and developing sustainable energy is important. By consuming less energy and making sure that the energy we do use comes from sustainable renewable sources is vital for all of our futures. Let's show the world in 2016 how much we in Wales care about the planet.

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