Sunday, 13 March 2016


Wales benefits greatly from its membership of the European Union, nowhere is this more obvious than in our agricultural sector. Our farmer’s directly benefit from Wales’ membership of the EU, without this essential funding our farmers, our rural communities, our small businesses and our small towns would suffer. The Conservative leader in the National Assembly has said that he will campaign for Britain to leave the EU. This directly threatens the futures of Wales’ 16,000 farms, and shows that the Conservative party is turning its back on Wales’ rural communities simply to be in step with the next Conservative leader at Westminster. Plaid Cymru will stand up for Wales’ rural communities. It is clear that Westminster is incapable of standing up for our farmers and indifferent to our needs and interests. Party of Wales wants what is best for Wales, this means fighting to keep essential funding for our farms and rural communities. It is vital therefore that Wales is at the heart of the EU and for a strong Plaid Cymru government to be making the case for Wales to the EU. 

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