Thursday, 30 April 2009

Justice for the Gurkhas

Gordon Brown’s Government’s denial of residency to 36,000 former Gurkha's, who had served in the British Army prior to 1997, was disgraceful and unjust – so much for the moral compass. Fortunately on Wednesday (29th April) the House of Commons (with members from most Political Party’s) rightly voted in favour of a motion to allow equal rights of residency in Britain to all Gurkha's, who have served in the British Army.

While this vote cannot make the Government change its mind, it would be well advised to do so. This has been from the outset a question of moral responsibility, natural justice and basic human decency, not one of immigration or a question of costs. The Gurkha's who have fought for this country and have been prepared to die for it, have been owed a historic debt, now perhaps the UK Government will pay up and honour it.

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