Tuesday, 21 April 2009

With one hand tied behind our back

from the BBC (19.04.2009)

Nato foils Somali pirates' attack

Pirates have intensified attacks on shipping in recent weeks.

An attempted attack by Somali pirates on a Norwegian tanker was foiled by NATO warships and helicopters after an overnight pursuit in the Gulf of Aden.

NATO said a Canadian warship caught the pirates before releasing them after the gang attacked the MV Front Ardenne.

The alliance said the pirates had been released because they could not be prosecuted under Canadian law.

On Saturday, Dutch commandos serving with the NATO anti-piracy operation freed 20 pirate captives from Yemen.

In that incident, too, the raiders were released.


To expect merchant sailors (who are just going about their ordinary jobs) to have to defend their ships with their bare hands, barbed wire and fire hoses against pirates (many of whom are former fishermen who have lost their livelihoods, due to the collapse of the fishing industry [after Somalia ceased to exist] in the face of East Asian vacuum / factory fishing) is unacceptable.

To expect NATO and it's Allies to deal with Pirates when there are no real consequences for the pirates actions (and no clear rules of engagement) is also unacceptable. Perhaps the situation will only resolve itself when maritime insurance premiums rise to unacceptably high levels.

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