Tuesday, 2 June 2009

An age of consequences?

The current crop of MP's can be said, if one was being kind, to live in an age of consequences, where their actions will hopefully come back and haunt them, especially on polling day, whenever that comes. The recent BBC Ipsos-Mori Poll makes interesting reading with almost 50% of people believing that at least half of all MPs are corrupt.

The new Poll also suggested that there is strong support for independent regulation of Parliament with most adults of voting age, 85% (of those surveyed) would prefer an independent judicial body to scrutinise MPs' affairs. Interestingly enough, despite the detectable fury the Ipsos Mori poll of 1,001 adults suggests that most people - 80% - don’t just blame MPs but believe that the "parliamentary system" is at fault.

The BBC-commissioned telephone survey (which was completed between May 29th and 31st with a 1000 + sample of over 18 year olds) discovered that 7% believed all MPs were corrupt, 17% felt most were corrupt and 24% felt "about half" were - which when you add it all up suggests that 48% of people believe at least half of all the current 646 MPs are corrupt. Yet, some 47% believed only "a few" were corrupt - and 3% believed none were.

When it came to the matter of being asked if they trusted MPs to tell the truth, only 20% said they did and 76% said they did not - this being up from 60% three years ago. Interestingly eough this figure was much lower, 44%, when people were asked about their local MP.

Some 62% of those who were surveyed said they believed MPs put their own self-interest ahead of the country and interests of their constituents. Of those surveyed some 79% supported the idea of some form of recall mechanism which would allow voters to petition to trigger by-elections if they get enough signatures.

All in all roll on Polling Day...

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