Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bring it on!

Next week Plaid Cymru and the SNP are tabling a motion calling for the dissolution of Parliament and a resultant Westminster General Election, while this is not a motion of no confidence, it will be debated on Wednesday 10th June. With New Labour poised to get a pasting in the European elections and the Local Government elections (in England) on Thursday (4th June) and Cabinet Members (and MPS) who have been caught with their fingers in the till dropping like flies this should make for an interesting and very public debate.

Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid leader at Westminster), told the BBC:

"The Conservatives are in favour of an immediate general election, the Liberal Democrats likewise and several of the smaller parties and there are many disillusioned people, if I can use that word, on the Labour benches as well. The immediate effects were it to succeed would be a general election. We are trying to do that because we believe the legitimacy of Parliament has long gone. People have got no faith in this institution and, therefore, it is wrong that they are governed by it."

Regardless of the result, and I suspect that New Labour turkeys will not vote for Christmas, it will make interesting viewing. In truth what we have at the moment is a Government that is no longer governing or even going through the motions of governance. The Westminster Parliament has gone beyond a joke, with fingers in the till revelations drowning out anything else, any faint shred or tattered scrap of credibility that Gordon Brown’s government once had is now long gone.

Enough is enough, this sad farce has gone on long enough, and from talking and listening to people over the last few weeks the ordinary people have lost patience with the failed New Labour Government and with Gordon Brown - with regard to a Westminster General Election, simply bring it on!

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