Tuesday, 30 June 2009


David Cameron has now announced that the members of the Shadow Cabinet will give up their second jobs by the end of the year as they gear up for the general election. He also admitted that junior frontbenchers would be able to retain their outside interests until the election. Post election they under the ministerial code of conduct would have to step down from other jobs if they ended up as ministers.

A selection of Shadow cabinet member's second jobs:

£1,153 hourly rate: Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove earned £5,000 a month - or £60,000 a year - for "one hour a week or so" of journalism for The Times.

£764 hourly rate: Francis Maude, shadow Cabinet Office minister, earned £36,700 a year from Barclays Bank for six days a year of work, including overseas meetings.

£187.50 hourly rate: David Willetts was paid £60,000 a year for 40 days' work as an adviser on pensions for Punter Southall in London's Jermyn Street.

£145 hourly rate: Oliver Letwin worked eight hours a week giving corporate finance advice to investment bank NM Rothschild, earning £145 an hour, or just over £60,000 per annum.

£395 hourly rate: Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke was paid £38,000 as a non-executive director of Independent News and Media, owner of The Independent (one day a month).

£346 hourly rate: Andrew Mitchell, shadow International Development Secretary, was paid £36,000 a year (one to two hours a week of consultancy work with Accenture).

£260 hourly rate: Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley was paid £25,000 a year as a non-executive director for Profero (one day a month).

Just for the record the minimum wage comes in at £5.73 an hour.

Source: Independent 30.06.2009

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