Saturday, 6 June 2009

Today is the 65th Anniversary of D-Day

Today is the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, when the liberation of Western Europe began, at significant cost, on the beaches of Normandy. This anniversary has been seen as significant by many ordinary people because it will be the last organised visit by veterans, who have an average age of 84 years and nine months.

The failure to invite the Queen to the 65th Anniversary commemoration of the D-Day landings certainly does not lie with the French Government, the responsibility lies with Gordon Brown and his Government. It was the UK Government’s job to monitor events, and secure an invitation for her if necessary. Now until a few weeks ago, the anniversary was intended to be a low-key affair, quite unlike the 40th, 50th and 60th.

Now any half competent Government with an eye to events and growing public opinion would have at least considered that the Queen or another senior member of her family might wish to go, and have liaised with the French to make it happen. Nothing happened because New Labour did not see this event as being of any real importance.

Only when it was announced that President Obama would be attending (because it was the right thing to do, rather than to pursue any votes) did New Labour wake up and wade in to try and salvage things from the growing diplomatic fiasco.

The whole sad business is a perfect example of Brown's utter indifference to the D-Day veterans, and to the public who have been utterly abandoned by New Labour - who were too busy chasing their globalist agenda .

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