Monday, 3 January 2011


So much for encouraging people to use the train, the Con Dem Government (much like its predecessor New Labour) has looked the other way as rail fares in Wales go up by an average of 6.2 percent. The rail operating companies have said that price rises will pay for newer trains - don't hold your breath! It's worth asking just how much will be left over from any monies secured for investment in our railways after the shareholders dividend (and the Government) have been paid off? No wonder, that despite the rise in petrol or diesel prices which might be expected to encourage people to find other means of getting to and from work, amongst other things that rail passengers (sorry customers) are somewhat disillusioned by the rail franchise holders latest spin.

How much longer are we going to tolerate a shoddy minimalist unconnected service? We need a single rail franchise that directly answers to and works for Wales, not servicing company shareholder dividends and ultimately the Department of Transport who's interest in Wales could be described as peripheral at best. We need to prioritise investment in our railways and provide a decent affordable and reliable service for the passengers. We need a not for profit railway company that serves Wales and we need to break up the comfy cosy financial relationship that exists between the Westminster establishment and the franchise holders whether they railway or power companies.

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