Friday, 14 January 2011


Around 80 south Wales political and business leaders have signed a petition calling for the electrification of the rail line from Swansea to London. The Great Western Partnership's letter aims to tell the UK transport minister Phillip Hammond that it would provide an essential economic lifeline. This is a worthy effort, but, I suspect that the Con Dem's are not going to listen any time soon, the Welsh Secretary is currently too busy fighting against a proposed railway project that cuts through her constituency, to be bothered with Wales, even if she remembers where she left it?

I think we would all be better off putting our efforts into encouraging the National Assembly Government to start electrifying the valley lines to Cardiff (as first step) - I mention this because Liverpool has had an electrified rail-link to London for some years,but, I do wonder how exactly this has benefited the city? Starting to electrify the valley lines (something that does not have to be done in one go) would bring lasting benefit to our valley communities and seriously improve our transport infrastructure. Railway wise we need to do something different that has lasting benefits for all our communities.

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