Saturday, 22 January 2011


Not a headline that the Downing Street Press Office or Tory Central Office will want to see! The loss of Andy Coulson as Downing Street's Director of Communications, may have more significance than people think. Coulson, an Essex boy (and proud of it) was born and brought up in Wickford, Essex, educated at the local state school, Beauchamps Comprehensive. A devoted Tottenham Hotspur fan - he began his career at the Basildon Evening Echo, before joining the Sun and rising rapidly through the ranks of News International) was one of the few contacts between the Conservative Cabinet and ordinary people. The bunker mentality that tends to pervade political parties (with like employing or selecting like) is a dangerous but understandable trend. Coulson, who was reasonably rooted in reality (well as much anyone who worked for the News of the World can be) may well missed, as one of the few tangible links with how ordinary people live, work and think is now broken. So show your appreciation for Andy Coulson. Leave him a message of a support on your voicemail!

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