Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Wales is home to a strong entrepreneurial spirit and it is no wonder that over 230,000 small businesses now operate with 94.6% of them employing 1-10 people. These businesses lie at the heart of our communities and our smaller and larger towns and city centre’s.

Some 99% of Welsh businesses are SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), which are the backbone of the Welsh economy. Which is why Plaid is committed to easing the financial burden on them by implementing a rates relief system that would assist 83,000 SMEs and take 70,000 out of business rates altogether.

The small towns of Monmouth constituency contain a rich web of small to medium sized businesses which contribute to a rich and diverse local economy selling their goods and services to the local and not so local people and also trading with each other retaining generated income within our communities and sustaining and generating jobs.

Our country has a wealth of aspiration and talent, which has led to the creation of some fantastic businesses and enterprises across all of Wales. All too often our small businesses miss out on public contracts, which are awarded instead to companies from outside Wales.

This is why Plaid Cymru wants to see more contracts go to local Welsh firms which will generate jobs and make sure that wealth generated in Wales stays in Wales. If we could add 25% to our current procurement level of 52% then we would be able to create nearly 50,000 jobs - that is our goal.

At next May’s Westminster General election the people of Wales will face a choice between Westminster parties who have clearly shown themselves to be on the side of the City elite, and Plaid Cymru whose vision is to deliver a stable and prosperous Welsh economy for the benefit of everyone in Wales.

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