Wednesday, 1 July 2009


The threat to the Forensic Science Service (FSS) Laboratory in Chepstow, which is the only facility of it’s kind in Wales, does little to help with the fight against crime and threatens 168 well paid very skilled jobs.

Every effort must be made in the National Assembly and at Westminster to fight to retain the unique services and skills and the jobs in Wales. The jobs loses at the FSS Laboratory on Usk Road, in Chepstow would be a real blow to Chepstow and the surrounding area, as would the loss of FSS services be to Wales.

The restructured new service would be based in London, Cambridgeshire, the Midlands and North Yorkshire, which may benefit the FSS in the short term it, will not bring any extra degree of efficiency or savings to the fight against crime in Wales.

The changes to the FSS have been driven and justified by the introduction of competitive tendering for forensic services within the UK, which is madness especially at a time when it makes more sense to retain the skills in house.

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