Friday, 31 July 2009


The recent collapse (for whatever reason) of the multi-million pound deal between Monmouthshire County Council (MCC), developer Henry Boot Ltd and Asda to redevelop the Livestock Market site has now given Monmouthshire County Council the opportunity to think again when it comes to its plans to redevelop the site of Abergavenny Livestock market. There is now a real opportunity to work with local residents, farmers and other interest parties and an opportunity to take a long view in relation to any proposed redevelopment of the cattle market.

Any future consultations on the future of the Livestock market must include the full participation of the people of Abergavenny and the surrounding farming community and no more secret behind closed doors deals. MCC now has as an opportunity to retain and modernise the livestock market, to keep it in Abergavenny and has a fresh an opportunity to take a longer view about the economic consequences for Abergavenny and the surrounding area.

The questions is will MCC have the intelligence to grasp this opportunity to work with local residents and local farmers for the benefit of Abergavenny and the surrounding area or will they keep trying to repeat the mistakes of the past and pull some dull ill-thought out redevelopment scheme out of the hat?

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